Strengthening Watershed Protection and Forest Cover in Burundi: Project bdi22002-10003

bdi22002-10003 – Strengthening the Capacity of Local Actors to Ensure Watershed Protection, Forest Cover Expansion, and the Establishment of Catchment Protection Areas

The project bdi22002-10003 aims to strengthen the capacity of local actors in Burundi to ensure watershed protection, forest cover expansion, and the establishment of catchment protection areas. This initiative is essential for preserving water resources and promoting sustainable development in the country.

The main objective of the project is to train and support local actors, such as communities, civil society organizations, and local authorities, so that they can take concrete actions to protect watersheds. This includes implementing sustainable agricultural practices, restoring forest ecosystems, and raising awareness among local populations about the importance of water preservation.

Another key component of the project is the expansion of forest cover. Forests play a crucial role in regulating the water cycle and protecting watersheds. By working with local actors, the project aims to plant new forests and restore degraded areas, thereby contributing to water preservation and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Finally, the project also includes the establishment of catchment protection areas. These specific zones are essential for ensuring the quality of drinking water and preventing any contamination. By strengthening the capacity of local actors, the project aims to ensure proper management of these areas and preserve the water resource for future generations.

The bdi22002-10003 project is an important initiative for Burundi, aiming to protect watersheds, expand forest cover, and establish catchment protection measures. By working with local actors, it will contribute to preserving the country’s water resources and promoting sustainable development.

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