The Advantages of Working with IUCN SOS

Advantages of Working with IUCN SOS

When IUCN SOS (Save Our Species) awards a grant to an organization, it marks the beginning of a special relationship. Throughout our shared journey, we provide continuous support to our grantees, while also adding value by sharing the impacts and lessons learned from their projects.

By working with IUCN SOS, organizations can benefit from:

  • Financial Support – IUCN SOS: Our grants provide the necessary funding to implement conservation projects and address existing threats to biodiversity.
  • Programmatic Approach: We prioritize projects that have a comprehensive approach to conservation, ensuring a more effective and sustainable impact.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: We work closely with civil society organizations and government agencies, fostering partnerships and knowledge exchange.
  • Rapid Response: Through our open-ended call for proposals, we offer rapid action grants for projects that respond to emergency situations, enabling immediate support for new and emerging threats.
  • Research Funding: We also provide research support grants to young and early scientists, helping to improve knowledge on threatened species and their ecosystems.

By browsing our call for proposals archive, organizations can access information on previously awarded grants and donors, gaining insights and inspiration for their own conservation efforts.

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