SVP-NGO Partnership

The SVP-NGO Partnership: SVP India, through its chapters, gives financial grants and mentoring support to NGOs working primarily in the areas of livelihood, employment, and income generation.

SVP typically provides a grant of Rs 10 – 15 lac per annum to the NGO. However, the greater benefit for our investee organizations lies in leveraging the time, skills, and expertise of the SVP partner group, the value of which can easily be 3 – 5x of the financial support.

Our partners act as mentors, supporting the founder and top management of the NGO to achieve their goals. We provide strategic guidance, as well as open our networks to the NGO, removing roadblocks in order to accelerate the growth of our investee NGOs.

SVP’s unique model allows for both financial, and non-financial support of qualifying NGOs.

Eligibility Criteria to receive SVP Support
You must have a 12A & 80G certificate
You must be at least 3 years old
Your projects must be based in one of our chapter cities
Your project should fall in to your chosen city’s focus areas.
Your NGO should understand that SVP provides hands-on mentoring support from our partners to help you achieve your goals.

The Grant Process
Once we receive your completed form, we will direct it to the General Manager in the correct city.
The General Manager will review details and come back to you with information on when the grant cycle is starting in their city and some additional forms for you to complete.
A Grants Committee made up of SVP partners will spend 3-6 months reviewing NGOs to ensure thorough due diligence and a good fit for SVP.

https://svpindia.SVP-NGO Partnershiporg/get-involved/apply-for-a-grant/

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