Applying for Funding from the Jim Joel Fund

The Jim Joel Fund is dedicated to supporting the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector in South Africa. Their primary goal is to improve access and the quality of early learning programs for marginalized young children and their families. If you are interested in applying for funding from the Jim Joel Fund, here is some important … Read more

The Lurgan Trust: Grants and Focus Areas

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The Lurgan Trust is a charitable organization that provides grants in the United Kingdom, specifically in London, as well as in Northern Ireland and South Africa. In the UK, grants are primarily focused on several areas, including music and arts education and participation, support for individuals with disabilities, assistance for the elderly, medical relief including … Read more

Fondation Merieux – Small Grants Program: Improving Conditions for Mothers and Children

Project Focus The Fondation Merieux’s Small Grants Program is dedicated to supporting projects that address significant public health issues, specifically HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, neglected tropical diseases, and other infectious diseases. These projects are based on a local needs assessment and aim to provide concrete solutions that go beyond education and raising awareness. Global Approach … Read more

Noel Buxton Trust Africa Grants Programme

The Noel Buxton Trust Africa Grants Programme: The Noel Buxton Trust has been funding work in African countries for many years. As a small charity, our aim is to focus our limited funds on projects that promote sustainable livelihoods in community settings. We prioritize projects that are deeply rooted in the community and informed by … Read more

USADF Off-Grid Energy Challenge: Funding Opportunities for African Energy Companies

USADF Off-Grid Energy Challenge: Funding Opportunities for African Energy CompaniesThe USADF Off-Grid Energy Challenge is now open for proposals from eligible African off-grid energy companies. This exciting opportunity offers selected enterprises the chance to receive grant capital of up to $250,000. To be considered for the Challenge, applicants must be majority African-owned and -managed private … Read more

Rapid Response Window Short-Term Grants: Supporting Women’s Influence in Peace Processes

Short-Term Grants Rapid Response Window is an initiative aimed at supporting civil society organizations (CSOs) in addressing urgent gaps in women’s influence in peace processes. These grants provide an opportunity for CSOs to implement projects that tackle various barriers to women’s meaningful participation in formal peace processes or the implementation of peace agreements. The grants, … Read more

Call for Applications: Rapid Response Window on Women’s Participation in Peace Processes

About the Rapid Response Window (RRW) Rapid Response Window: The Rapid Response Window (RRW) is a funding mechanism of the United Nations Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) that supports urgent, short-term, strategic initiatives led by women peacebuilders and women’s civil society organizations. Its main objective is to increase women’s participation and influence in formal … Read more

Maypole Fund Small Grants :Supporting Feminist Activism Against Militarism and War

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Supporting Feminist Activism Against Militarism and War: The Maypole Fund Maypole Fund Small Grants: The Maypole Fund is a small grant-giving organization that is dedicated to funding feminist activism against militarism and war. Run entirely by volunteers, The Maypole Fund is committed to supporting projects and activities that challenge militarism and war from a feminist … Read more

True Colours’ Africa Small Grants Programme: Supporting Palliative Care Development in Africa

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Africa Small Grants programme is dedicated to providing funding for the development of palliative care across Africa. Administered by the African Palliative Care Association, the programme accepts applications biannually and primarily focuses on one-off projects that directly enhance the patient experience and the standard of palliative care services. The current round of funding includes a … Read more

Enhancing SPS Capacity for Safe Trade Grants: A Funding Opportunity

About the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) Safe Trade Grants STDF: The STDF is a funding organization that supports projects in developing countries to improve sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) capacity. These projects aim to facilitate safe trade by addressing food safety, animal health, and plant health issues. Funding Eligibility Organizations eligible to apply for … Read more