Lacuna Fund Call for Proposals: Apply by 23 August 2024

Overview and Purpose of Lacuna Fund The Lacuna Fund supports the creation, expansion, and maintenance of datasets that enable robust and equitable application of machine learning (ML) tools of high social value in low- and middle-income contexts globally. The fund aims to disburse funds to institutions to create, expand, and/or maintain datasets that fill gaps … Read more

Building Resilient Internet Infrastructure: Internet Society Foundation’s Network Resiliency Program

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Understanding the Importance of Network Resiliency Network resiliency grants Deadline 30 July 2024 ….With the constant threat of natural and climate-related disasters, communities worldwide are facing increasing disruptions. These disasters often result in severe damage, interrupting internet connectivity and isolating individuals from essential information and communication. The Internet Society Foundation’s Resiliency Program aims to support … Read more

Apply for the Holohil Grant Program by July 15, 2024

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Overview of the Holohil Grant Program For more than 35 years, Holohil has supported endangered species research and educational work for various agencies and researchers. During this period, Holohil has primarily donated transmitters for bat and raptor research. However, the program is now expanding its support to include other species that have not been previously … Read more

Announcing Together’s Latest Funding Opportunity through our Cervical Cancer Grants Program

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Announcing Together’s Latest Funding Opportunity through our Cervical Cancer Grants Program April 11, 2024 – Recently announced funding commitments and the launch of new partnerships signal new momentum in the effort to end cervical cancer as a global health threat. If applied effectively, these new resources will make a huge difference in implementing lifesaving cervical … Read more

Youth Innovation for a Sustainable Future Program: Promoting Just Transition and Empowering Youth Projects

What is the Youth Innovation for a Sustainable Future Program? The Youth Innovation for a Sustainable Future Program is an initiative launched by the Schneider Electric Foundation in celebration of its 25th anniversary. The program aims to select and support 25 impactful and innovative youth projects across 5 continents. Led by the Schneider Electric Foundation … Read more

The Advantages of Working with IUCN SOS

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Advantages of Working with IUCN SOS When IUCN SOS (Save Our Species) awards a grant to an organization, it marks the beginning of a special relationship. Throughout our shared journey, we provide continuous support to our grantees, while also adding value by sharing the impacts and lessons learned from their projects. By working with IUCN … Read more

Thousand Currents Launches Call for Group Profiles for Tactical Initiatives Grants

Deadlines: 1 April 2024  Thousand Currents is excited to announce our first call for group profiles under our Tactical Initiatives grant category. These grants are designed to support groups that are implementing strategic litigation, popular education, cultural production, and campaigns to strengthen the movements for climate justice, food sovereignty, and economic justice. Tactical Initiatives grants … Read more

The Spark Process: Empowering Communities Through Collective Action

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The Spark Process, developed by Spark, is a community-driven development approach that aims to empower villages facing poverty. By working closely with communities, governments, and local organizations, Spark facilitates sustained collective action, providing the necessary resources and skills for communities to design and implement their own development projects. At the core of the Spark Process … Read more

Partnerships and Funding Opportunities with the Michael Foundation

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The Michael Foundation is dedicated to collaborating with various organizations to create opportunities for children and families living in urban poverty. With a strong focus on measuring impact, our funding supports projects that are already making a difference in education, health, and family economic stability. Through our enduring and long-standing partnerships, we strive to create … Read more

Global Climbing Initiative Social Impact Grants: Empowering Climbing Communities Worldwide

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The Global Climbing Initiative Social Impact Grants are aimed at empowering climbing communities worldwide to create positive change through innovative social initiatives. As the global climbing community continues to grow and evolve, there is a need to support sustainable community development at all stages. The focus is on increasing diverse voices in climbing and promoting … Read more