The Internet Society Foundation’s Research Grant Program: Advancing Understanding and Collaboration in Internet Research

The Internet Society Foundation’s Research Grant Program

The Internet Society Foundation’s Internet Research Grant Program is a global initiative that supports research collaborations aimed at advancing understanding of the internet and its value for all. The program has several objectives:

Promoting Novel Methodologies

The internet research program aims to promote innovative methodologies that generate solutions to internet-related challenges. By encouraging new approaches to research, the program seeks to address the evolving needs and complexities of the internet.

Supporting a Diverse and Collaborative Research Community

The program aims to identify and support a diverse group of researchers and research institutions. By fostering collaboration, the program seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise, ultimately leading to more impactful research outcomes.

Facilitating Access to Intersectional Research

The program aims to facilitate access to intersectional research that can be applied to decision-making in government and industry. By promoting research that is relevant and applicable, the program seeks to bridge the gap between academia and practical implementation.

The program is open to independent researchers and public research institutions. The research supported by the program should be applied and open, meaning that it seeks to answer real-world questions and should be openly published and made available to the scientific community at no cost.

Areas of Focus

The program invites research proposals that address topics related to the following thematic areas:

Greening the Internet

Research in this area should focus on understanding and mitigating the environmental impact of the internet. This may include assessing energy consumption, analyzing waste generation, and exploring the internet’s enabling effect on limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

The Internet Economy

Research in this area should examine how the internet transforms traditional economic landscapes. By analyzing past and present ecosystems, researchers can gain insights into the future of the internet and its impact on markets and economic participation.

A Trustworthy Internet

Research in this area should explore the trustworthiness of the internet. This includes examining its resilience, reliability, accountability, and security. Researchers should investigate whether the internet meets user expectations and propose ways to enhance trustworthiness.

Decolonizing the Internet

Research in this area should explore how the internet can be a tool for restorative, liberating, and transformational practices. It should address the inequalities and injustices that can arise from the internet’s design and propose methods for creating an inclusive and diverse internet for all.


To be eligible for the program, independent researchers should have a postgraduate research degree (PhD, Masters) and a track record of peer-reviewed publications, patents, or academic work in the relevant area. Public research institutions should be 501(c)(3) or equivalent and aligned with the foundation’s mission.

All applicants must ensure they meet the basic eligibility requirements outlined on the foundation’s website. Underrepresented groups in the research world are highly encouraged to apply.

For more information and to apply, visit the Internet Society Foundation’s Research Grant Program website.

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