Tinker Foundation: Promoting Development in Latin America

For over sixty years, the Tinker Foundation has been dedicated to promoting economic and social development in Latin America. Through their support of “people, projects, and ideas,” Tinker provides funding to civil society organizations, including nonprofit entities, research institutes, and universities, that are working to address the region’s most pressing challenges.

The organizations that receive support from Tinker utilize these resources to test promising ideas, extend the impact of proven models, and bring together stakeholders to solve problems in innovative ways. As one of the few private foundations focused on the entire Latin American region, Tinker believes it has a unique responsibility and opportunity to support the exchange of knowledge and approaches within and beyond the region.

Tinker encourages comparative and collaborative work among its grantees and supports them in learning from the experiences of others. The foundation’s Institutional Grants program provides project funding to organizations striving to improve the lives of Latin Americans, with a specific emphasis on supporting organizations within the region.

In Cycle 2, Tinker will be accepting Letters of Inquiry for their Democratic Governance and Education program areas starting from July 9. To learn more about each program’s strategy and priorities, click here.

The Foundation’s Institutional Grants program aims to support changes to policy and practice that have a positive impact on the lives of Latin Americans. Their funding encompasses three program areas – Democratic Governance, Education, and Sustainable Resource Management. Through research, innovation, scaling of proven models, and the exchange of ideas, Tinker seeks to make a significant and lasting difference in the region.

For more information about the Tinker Foundation and their initiatives, please visit their website here.

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