When an Organisation Needs Team Building Process

How to know when an organisation needs Team Building Process: Now a days we see that most of the organisations give importance for team building process as it bring value, productivity to the organisation. However, still some organisations are not aware of or even if they know, do not give much importance to the team building process. Hence let us see why and when an organisation feels the need for a Team Building process.

  • Conflicts or hostility among staff members
  • Dereased productivity
  • Confusion about assignments, missed signals, and unclear relationships
  • Decisions misunderstood or not carried through properly
  • Apathy and lack of involvement
  • Lack of initiation, imagination, innovation; routine actions taken for solving complex problems
  • Complaints of discrimination or favoritism
  • Ineffective staff meetings, low participation, minimally effective decisions
  • Negative reactions to the manager
  • Complaints about quality of service
  • Team Building

Principles of Team Building

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