Principles of Team Building

Principles of Team Building : As we know that the purpose of team building is to lead a team effectively. To lead a team effectively, we first need to establish our leadership with each team member. How do we establish leadership – we need to establish leadership by understanding and building relationship of trust and loyalty amongh the team members. How do we do this.

  • We should consider each employee’s ideas as valuable
  • Ensure all employees openly express their feelings
  • Try and resolve minor disputes and encourage them for teams higher goals
  • We need to be clear with our communication
  • Help them to clarify on issues/directives
  • Encourage trust and co-operation among team members
  • Pay attention to see team members work together
  • Share information
  • Emphasise the importance of each member to the organisation
  • Respect individual privacy
  • Delegate problem solving tasks to team
  • Establish team values and goals
  • Evaluate team performance
  • Talk to each member on the progress of their work and guide them
  • Discuss with the team the success and challenges
  • Appreciate the work
  • Also discuss what needs to be done to perform their jobs
  • Discuss what actions needs tobe taken to live upto the standard values
  • Finally also discuss what success means to them
    How do we do:
  • Use consensus
  • Set objectives
  • Solve problems
  • Make a plan of action
  • Set ground rules such as punctuality,each member can offer ideas,
  • Establish a method for arriving at a consensus.
  • debate
  • listening
  • brainstorming
  • para-meters for consensus building
  • Be sensitive to frustration
  • Time limits

Team Building

Team Building Process

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