Apply for the Holohil Grant Program by July 15, 2024

Overview of the Holohil Grant Program

For more than 35 years, Holohil has supported endangered species research and educational work for various agencies and researchers. During this period, Holohil has primarily donated transmitters for bat and raptor research. However, the program is now expanding its support to include other species that have not been previously covered. The Holohil Grant Program (HGP) was introduced in 2016 to offer transmitters at reduced or no cost to deserving projects. To date, HGP has awarded over $75,000 worth of transmitters to projects worldwide.

Program Details and Criteria

The Holohil Grant Program is currently accepting applications from conservation professionals and researchers globally. Each quarter, projects can receive up to CAD$2,500 toward Holohil transmitters, with all shipping charges covered (excluding import duties and taxes). Projects must generally meet the following criteria: significant use of Holohil transmitters, advancement of scientific knowledge, contribution to conservation, public engagement/education, and focus on underrepresented species of high research or conservation value. Applications are reviewed by impartial, skilled researchers and experienced professionals who form the HGP review committee.

How to Apply

To apply for the Holohil Grant Program, download and complete the application form available at the bottom of the Holohil Grant Program page. Submit your application via email to to be included in the current quarterly evaluation cycle. Applications must be limited to 500 words. The HGP review committee evaluates applications based on need, project design, public education, scientific merit, overall scope, project potential, urgency, popularity/fundability, accessibility, and achievability. Successful applicants are required to submit a short report with photos of their work to be featured on the Holohil Grant Recipients page.

New Initiative: Refurbished Transmitters

Holohil is now accepting old transmitters that can be refurbished and donated to more projects. If you have unused transmitters, please consider donating them to support additional studies and researchers. This initiative aims to further conservation efforts globally.

Thank you for your support of conservation around the world! Apply by July 15, 2024, to be considered for the next evaluation cycle.

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