The 2024 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge: A Call for Innovation in Biodiversity Data

The 2024 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge is Now Open for Submissions Apply by 16 August 2024

The 2024 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge has officially opened its call for submissions. Organized by GBIF, this annual competition aims to discover innovative uses for biodiversity data published by GBIF. With a prize pool of up to €20,000, individuals and teams are encouraged to participate and showcase their creativity and technical skills.

What is the Ebbe Nielsen Challenge?

Named in honor of Dr. Ebbe Schmidt Nielsen, a pioneer in biosystematics and biodiversity informatics, the challenge seeks to advance open science and support research and policy through new and existing tools that leverage biodiversity data. The competition is open to individuals, teams, companies, and governmental agencies, with certain restrictions on GBIF staff and affiliates.

How to Participate

Participants are required to submit tools and techniques that improve the access, quality, and usefulness of open biodiversity data. These entries can either be newly developed tools or enhancements to existing ones. The expert jury will evaluate submissions based on relevance, novelty, and quality. The deadline for entries is 14 August 2024, with winners announced at the 31st GBIF Governing Board meeting in Portugal in late September or early October 2024.

Submission Requirements and Eligibility

To ensure your submission meets all requirements, please review the detailed guidelines on the GBIF portal. The challenge is not open to current GBIF Secretariat staff, individuals contracting directly with the GBIF Secretariat, members of the GBIF Science Committee, or heads of delegation to GBIF.

For more information and to submit your entry, visit the official announcement page: 2024 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge.

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