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Beit Trust Grants: Application Process and Guidelines
If you are interested in applying for a grant from the Beit Trust, please direct all enquiries to the Beit Trust Representative in Harare. You can reach them via email at It’s important to note that grant applications are considered on merit, and there are certain criteria that the Trustees take into account when reviewing applications.

The Beit Trust primarily supports established, independent institutions such as schools, hospitals, and health centers. They do not often provide grants to government organizations or fund start-ups. The Trustees aim to maintain an equitable distribution of grants between Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.

When it comes to infrastructure grants, strict rules are applied to ensure that detailed and serviceable plans are submitted before a grant is paid. A portion of the funds may be withheld until the Trust is satisfied that the project can be successfully completed within the allocated budget.

The Trustees actively engage in the application process by conducting regular visits to assess applications before, during, and after construction. They do not fund running costs and seldom make grants to other UK grant-making charities.

If you are a UK-based charity working with institutions in Zambia, Zimbabwe, or Malawi, you can invite those institutions to apply for a Beit Trust grant. The application process involves submitting a detailed application form and supporting documentation, including plans/drawings, bills of quantity, and verifiable quotations.

Applicants should provide a detailed motivation statement that explains the potential impact and importance of the proposed project. They should also provide assurances regarding fund management and the ability to deliver the project within budget and to specification.

The Beit Trustees meet twice a year in London. Applications to be considered at the June meeting should reach the Beit Trustees’ Representative in Harare by November 30th. For applications to be considered at the November meeting, they should be received by May 31st.

The Trustees give favorable consideration to organizations that demonstrate self-help, long-term sustainability, and the ability to effectively administer the funds provided. It’s important to note that the Trustees receive numerous applications, and the demand often exceeds the available funds.

Assistance with education is primarily focused on secondary school level and above. Applications must demonstrate sustainability, public benefit, cost-effectiveness, and a serious commitment to education, health, welfare, and/or the environment within the beneficial area.

If you are interested in specific projects that the Beit Trust supports, you can find more information on their website.

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