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Van Tienhoven Foundation Grants: The Van Tienhoven Foundation offers grants of up to €10,000 through an annual call for proposals. The next call for proposals will open on January 1, 2024, and the deadline for submission is January 31, 2024, at midnight CET. To apply for a grant, grantseekers must submit a project proposal using the online application form. The application form is only available during the specified time frame for the call for proposals. It is important to note that only completed application forms in English will be accepted. To assist in preparing the application, grantseekers can download a Word document provided on the foundation’s website. Upon submission, grantseekers must agree to the foundation’s privacy policy and consent to the publication of (meta) data from their application under a Creative Commons license CC-BY-4.0. The foundation will provide grantseekers with information prior to publication. All applications will be checked for eligibility criteria. Applications that do not meet these criteria will not proceed to the assessment phase. Eligible applications will be assessed based on specific criteria by the Board of the Van Tienhoven Foundation. The board may involve external specialists in the assessment process. After the assessment, the board may shortlist certain applications and contact the grantseekers for additional information. At this stage, applicants are required to provide the names of two independent referees. The board may also seek additional referees to appraise the applications. Based on all the information provided, the board will make a final selection of projects to be funded. Applicants will receive a decision within twelve weeks after the submission deadline. Please note that the board’s decisions are at their discretion, and they do not provide arguments for positive or negative decisions. To be eligible for a grant, applicants must be not-for-profit organizations registered as legal bodies, such as NGOs and scientific institutions. Applications from government bodies, private companies, or individuals will not be accepted. The organization must have a bank account in its name and be able to receive international funds. The Van Tienhoven Foundation supports projects focused on species protection, ecosystem protection, and community-managed nature protection. The projects should be implemented in developing countries, following the most recent DAC list of ODA Recipients. Costs should be based on local rates, and overhead costs, travel costs outside the countries of implementation, and the purchase of vehicles are not covered. Projects must not have started at the time of submission and should have a maximum project time span of two years. The maximum budget that can be requested from the Van Tienhoven Foundation is €10,000, with a total project budget of no more than €50,000. Co-funding should be indicated in the budget if applicable, and a financing plan with evidence of subsidies from other organizations should be included. To apply for a grant from the Van Tienhoven Foundation, visit their website and complete the online application form before the designated submission deadline. Please note that the information provided is a summary of the application process. For detailed information and specific requirements, please refer to the Van Tienhoven Foundation’s website.

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