Climate Transformation Fund 2024

Climate Transformation Fund 2024 Calls for Proposals: Apply before January 21 2024: The Climate Transformation Fund 2024 is now accepting proposals for projects aimed at addressing the climate crisis. To combat the urgent need for global net zero emissions, a diverse range of solutions will be required. This includes protecting and restoring forests, introducing new energy solutions, advocating for policy change, and implementing carbon removal strategies. To support these efforts, the impact platform Milkywire has established the Climate Transformation Fund, which not only identifies and supports projects but also allows individuals and companies to contribute to these initiatives. In order to maximize the impact of donations, the fund focuses on projects that require financial support to make a significant difference. While some solutions, such as wind and solar power, are already profitable and rapidly expanding, others, like carbon removal and policy advocacy, lack market incentives. The fund aims to fill this gap by supporting projects that would not be possible without donations, thereby fostering the growth of new solutions. The selection process for projects is guided by three key areas: high additionality, catalytic effect, and co-benefits. High additionality ensures that projects are unlikely to occur without the fund’s support. Catalytic effect refers to the potential for projects to scale and create impact beyond their immediate boundaries. Co-benefits prioritize projects that benefit marginalized communities or contribute to ecosystem preservation. It is important to note that the fund does not focus on carbon neutrality claims through offsetting. Instead, it emphasizes climate impact and supports climate advocacy, catalytic research, and grassroots organizations that lack the resources for carbon credit certifications. The fund believes that companies and individuals have a responsibility to reduce their emissions, and therefore, the focus is on making a tangible climate impact. To ensure transparency and accountability, the fund carefully screens and vets organizations before earmarking donations for specific projects or streams of work. The selection criteria include evaluating the potential effect of policy proposals, assessing the track record of organizations in driving concrete policy change, and considering the likelihood of the project happening without the fund’s support. If you have a project that aligns with the fund’s objectives, submit your proposal before January 21, 2024, and contribute to the collective effort to address the climate crisis. Apply now and be part of the Climate Transformation Fund 2024! (Note: The content has been optimized for the focus keyword “Climate Transformation Fund 2024 Calls for Proposals”

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