BIRAC Announces Call for Proposals under PACE: Funding for Startups in Infectious Diseases

BIRAC Announces Call for Proposals under PACE

Introduction: BIRAC-India Health Fund is offering a co-funding opportunity for startups working in the area of infectious diseases. This initiative aims to support innovative solutions that address the challenges posed by infectious diseases.

What is PACE?

PACE stands for Partnership for Affordable and Accessible Healthcare. It is an initiative by BIRAC-India Health Fund to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector. Under PACE, BIRAC provides financial support to startups and early-stage companies working on healthcare solutions.

Call for Proposals:

BIRAC has announced a call for proposals under PACE specifically for startups focusing on infectious diseases. The call is open from 1st April, 2024 to 15th May, 2024. Startups working on innovative diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines, or any other solutions related to infectious diseases are encouraged to apply.

Selected startups will receive financial support from BIRAC, along with access to mentoring, networking, and other resources to help them scale their solutions. The aim is to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative healthcare solutions that can make a significant impact in the fight against infectious diseases.

Interested startups can visit the BIRAC website for more information on the application process and eligibility criteria. The deadline for submitting proposals is 15th May, 2024.

This call for proposals is an excellent opportunity for startups in the field of infectious diseases to receive financial support and guidance from BIRAC. It is a step towards promoting innovation and driving positive change in the healthcare sector.

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