Building Resilient Internet Infrastructure: Internet Society Foundation’s Network Resiliency Program

Understanding the Importance of Network Resiliency

Network resiliency grants Deadline 30 July 2024 ….With the constant threat of natural and climate-related disasters, communities worldwide are facing increasing disruptions. These disasters often result in severe damage, interrupting internet connectivity and isolating individuals from essential information and communication. The Internet Society Foundation’s Resiliency Program aims to support projects that bolster network resiliency, ensuring that communities can prepare for and withstand these disruptions.

Program Objectives and Goals

The primary objectives of the Resiliency Program are to ensure the readiness of local communities to maintain or repair internet connectivity and to re-establish connectivity for those affected by natural disasters. By supporting organizations with expertise in internet resiliency, the program seeks to deploy resilient internet infrastructure and provide training to local stakeholders. This ensures that communities can quickly reconnect to the internet following a disaster.

Types of Projects Supported

The Resiliency Program supports a variety of projects aimed at enhancing internet infrastructure. Examples include the development of community networks, hardening data centers and IXPs against environmental threats, fortifying sub-sea cables and stations, and assisting ISPs in upgrading their infrastructure. Additionally, the program focuses on strengthening the capacity of communities to maintain, repair, and re-establish internet connectivity.

Eligibility and Application Process

To qualify for the Network Resiliency Program, organizations must meet certain eligibility criteria, including the capacity to manage grant awards ranging from USD $250,000 to USD $500,000 and prior experience with internet resiliency or disaster management projects. The application process will be open from June 11, 2024, to July 30, 2024, with submissions accepted in English, French, or Spanish through the Foundation’s grants management system, Fluxx. Applicants should ensure they meet all requirements and complete the registration process, which may take up to two days.

For more information on the Internet Society Foundation’s Resiliency Program and to apply, visit here.

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