Supporting Europe’s Industry: Financial Support and Requirements for Internationalization Grants

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Introduction The Eurocluster Ingenious is dedicated to supporting Europe’s industry in achieving sovereignty, driving competitive sustainability, becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050, and shaping Europe’s digital future. With a special focus on SME support, Ingenious aims to assist the backbone of the economy by promoting resilience and facilitating the green and digital transition. … Read more

Accelerate Africa 2024 Start Up

Accelerate Africa 2024 Start Up – We are excited to announce an incredible opportunity for startups looking to accelerate their growth and expand their reach from Africa to the world. At Acceler8, we have a proven track record of working with some of Africa’s most successful startups, and now we want to work with you! … Read more

Understanding CSR Funding and How to Apply for it in India

CSR Funding (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a way for companies in India to contribute towards societal development and make a positive impact on communities. CSR fund is mandatory for certain companies under the Indian Companies Act, requiring them to spend a specified percentage of their profits on CSR activities. Though in this article there is … Read more