Chat for Women’s Livelihoods Accelerator

What to Expect from the Accelerator: Empowering Women through Conversational Technology: The Chat for Women’s Livelihoods Accelerator is an 18-month program designed to empower women in low-income countries economically. This program provides training, mentorship, and support to six social enterprises that are dedicated to empowering women. By leveraging conversational technology, such as WhatsApp chat services, these organizations aim to break barriers, create opportunities, and drive meaningful change. The accelerator program is open to organizations that focus on increasing business skills, providing education, access to digital markets and payment tools, and offering essential mental health or healthcare support to working women and micro-entrepreneurs. If your organization aligns with these goals, you are invited to apply. Once selected, you can expect comprehensive support throughout the program. The onboarding and training process spans three months and equips your organization with a fully operational minimum viable chat (MVP) that is ready to go live. This includes prototyping and launching your use case, ensuring that you have the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed. Throughout the 18-month program, you will receive extensive training, mentorship, and ongoing support. This will enable you to effectively leverage conversational technology to empower women and drive positive change in their lives. By providing women with access to new avenues for economic advancement, we believe that communities will flourish as a result. Join us in this exciting journey of empowering women through conversational technology. Together, we can break barriers, create opportunities, and make a meaningful impact on women’s lives in low-income countries. Apply now and be a part of this transformative accelerator program.

Social Enterprises who want to accelerate their chat service growth and impact with guidance, mentorship, and hands-on implementation support.

We are looking for Social Enterprises working in Kenya, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Uganda, Senegal, and Nigeria and other low-income regions that have a clear business case or Theory of Change on how they could use a chat solution on WhatsApp to improve the economic agency of women.

The organisations must be able to commit to the building and continued development of their chat service and have the time, resources or team to accomplish this goal.

Application deadline:31 January 2024
Accelerator programme:February ’24 – July ’25

Local Projects Education & Youth Development (

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