Empowering Global Species Conservation Efforts: Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

Empowering Global Species Conservation Efforts: Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

Species Conservation Fund seeks to empower species conservation efforts and programmes globally, embodying the deep-rooted commitment of both the government and the people of Abu Dhabi to preserve our natural heritage. The Fund has been established to provide targeted grants to individual species conservation initiatives, recognize leaders in the field, and elevate the importance of species in the broader conservation debate.

The Fund’s reach is truly global, and its species interest is non-discriminatory. It is open to applications for funding support from conservationists based in all parts of the world, and will potentially support projects focused on any and all kinds of plant, animal, and fungus species, subject to the approval of an independent evaluation committee.

Making a Difference on the Ground

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund is an innovative philanthropy providing small grants to boots-on-the-ground, get-your-hands-dirty, in-the-field species conservation projects for the world’s most threatened species. Through innovative micro-financing, the MBZ Fund empowers conservationists to fight the extinction crisis instead of bureaucracy and red-tape.

To date, the Fund has awarded over 2000 grants to a diverse range of species across the world. However, it is highly competitive, with only around 12% of applicants in 2019 receiving a grant. Grants are awarded based on their ability to meet criteria pre-determined by the Species Fund, and are for a maximum of $25,000 for each project.

Application Process and Deadlines

The next application deadline is 31st October, 2023. To submit an application, you can complete and submit the application online by visiting the Fund’s website. Before starting an application, please ensure that you have read and understood the application criteria, especially relating to theĀ  conservation status, and have had a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Fund’s website.

There are three grant rounds per year, and generally, applications received before the end of February will receive a reply at the end of April or early May. The next submission deadline will be the last day of June, and applicants will receive a reply in September. The final round of grants in a given year usually has a deadline of the end of October, with applicants receiving a response in late December of the same year or early January of the following year. For exact timings and details, please visit the Timetable page on the Fund’s website.

Supporting Threatened Soil

During 2023, the Fund will be trialling a process whereby the Fund awards grants for the conservation of threatened soil species. To submit an application for a threatened soil species, please select ‘MBZ Special Focus’ under ‘Species Type’ in section 5.1 of the application form. This is in addition to the usual grants awarded.


This Fund is committed to making a difference in conservation of species by providing targeted grants, recognizing leaders in the field, and elevating the importance of species in the global conservation discourse. While the application process is competitive, it offers an opportunity for conservationists worldwide to secure funding for their projects. If you are passionate about species conservation, visit the Fund’s website and submit your application today.

For more details visit: Grant Applications | The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

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