Enhancing Social Inclusion in Waste Management: Capacity Building Officer Position

Capacity Building Officer for Social Inclusion in the Waste Management System

The Joint UN Programme “Pro – Local Governance for People and Nature” aims to enhance the quality of life for citizens in Serbia by improving local governance, social inclusion, and environmental protection in 110 cities and municipalities. This program is a collaborative effort between the United Nations agencies in Serbia, including UNOPS, UNICEF, UNFPA, and UNEP, in partnership with the Serbian government. The Government of Switzerland is providing financial support for the program, which will run from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2026.

Program Objectives and Pillars

The program focuses on three key pillars and outcomes:

Pillar 1: Good Governance

The objective of this pillar is to improve the capacities of local governments to apply good governance principles in practice.

Pillar 2: Social Inclusion

The aim of this pillar is to enhance the capacities of local governments and other relevant actors to develop evidence-based local social protection policies, promoting social inclusion.

Pillar 3: Environmental Governance

This pillar aims to strengthen the capacities of local governments to implement environmental governance processes.

The program’s key stakeholders at the local level include local governments, their administrations and staff, relevant local organizations and institutions such as centers for social work, primary health centers, pre-school institutions, schools, and local civil society organizations. The program will prioritize support for citizens from marginalized groups, including people with disabilities, Roma communities, children and families, youth, and older people. Additionally, support will be provided to informal waste pickers.

The program will work in close collaboration with the Serbian government, specifically the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Governments, the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. All activities will align with national strategies, laws, and relevant development documents to ensure sustainability, national ownership, and capacity development.

For more information about this position, please visit https://unjobs.org/vacancies/1709157628228.

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