Funding Opportunity for NGO Programs Benefiting Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda

Funding Opportunity for NGO Programs Benefiting Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda

Funding Opportunity Number: DFOP0008371

Assistance Listings (CFDA) Number: 19.517 – Overseas Refugee Assistance Programs for Africa

Announcement Issuance Date: Monday, February 12, 2024

Announcement Type: Cooperative Agreement

Proposal Application Submission Deadline: Thursday, March 28, 2024, at 11:59:59 p.m. (23:59:59) EDT

Anticipated Timeframe to Award for Selected Proposals for NGO programs: Pending the availability of funds, PRM anticipates, but makes no guarantee, that awards will be made less than six months from the proposal submission deadline.

Application Process

All applicants must submit proposal application packages through the website PRM strongly recommends submitting your application packages early to allow time to address any technical difficulties that may arise on the website. If you are new to PRM funding, the registration process can be complicated. We urge you to refer to PRM’s general NGO guidelines “Application Process” section for information and resources to help ensure that the application process runs smoothly. PRM also strongly encourages organizations that have received funding from PRM in the past to read this section as a refresher.

PRM strongly recommends application narratives be submitted in Adobe PDF, as Microsoft Word documents may sometimes produce different page lengths based on software versions and configurations when transmitted. Tables and budget documents should be submitted as Excel documents. Page limits are strictly adhered to, and PRM will not review pages of the narrative beyond the stated limit, which may negatively impact the concept note’s score. All documents must be in English and should avoid the use of jargon and should spell out all acronyms upon first use.

Program Description Summary

This announcement is designed to accompany PRM’s general NGO guidelines, which contain additional information on PRM’s priorities and NGO funding strategy with which selected organizations must comply. Please use both the general NGO guidelines and this announcement to ensure that your submission is in full compliance with PRM requirements and that the proposed activities are in line with PRM’s priorities. Submissions that do not reflect the requirements outlined in these guidelines will not be considered.

Geographic Regions / Populations

Proposed activities must primarily support refugees and asylum seekers in Rwanda, Tanzania, or Uganda. Because of PRM’s mandate to provide protection, assistance, and sustainable solutions for refugees and victims of conflict, PRM will consider funding only those programs that include a target program participant base of at least 50 percent refugees/asylum seekers.

Program Areas

Proposals must align with one or more of the following program areas:

  1. Humanitarian Protection and Assistance
  2. Interim and Durable Solutions

For full details of the scheme, please visit the official website.

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