Global Climbing Initiative Environmental Grants: Empowering Climbing Communities

Apply by 29th February 2024 The Global Climbing Initiative’s Environmental Grants are a powerful tool to support climbing communities’ efforts in environmental stewardship worldwide. As the sport of climbing continues to experience rapid growth, it is crucial to ensure the sustainability of climbing areas at every stage of development. With an increasing number of climbers, there is a heightened need for projects that preserve and protect crag environments for future generations.

The Global Climbing Initiative (GCI) takes pride in partnering directly with local climbing organizations to promote responsible grassroots stewardship of crags and wilderness areas. To further this mission, GCI is pleased to announce the spring round of grant solicitations, offering funding for environmental stewardship and conservation projects around the globe.

Each climbing community is unique, with its own context and environment. GCI recognizes that local communities have a firsthand understanding of their needs. Therefore, the awardees of the GCI Environmental Grants in this cycle will receive support and funding to address the specific environmental challenges faced by their communities in 2024.

The grants aim to fund projects with direct impact and clear, measurable outcomes that contribute to the long-term sustainability of crag environments. Examples of eligible projects include trail stewardship and erosion mitigation, belay platforms, signage, trash/waste mitigation and sanitation initiatives, parking area improvements, and stewardship and Leave No Trace trainings.

To be considered for a grant, proposed projects must meet certain requirements, including being led by a local climbing organization, having a budget request of or under $1000 USD, and being implemented between April and September 2024. The projects should also have a defined geographic area of impact, a detailed timeline and budget information, and demonstrate sustainability beyond the grant term.

Priority will be given to climbing communities that currently lack financial support avenues for such projects. GCI is particularly interested in supporting projects led by individuals who are underrepresented in the climbing industry, including climbers who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.

GCI cannot fund projects taking place inside the continental United States, projects not led by local climbers, projects without a significant relationship to climbing, projects not centered on environmental impact, or projects that are not aligned with GCI’s values and mission.

The application deadline for projects taking place between April and September 2024 is February 29, 2024. A second round of applications will open in August for projects between October 2024 and March 2025.

For more information about the eligibility of your project or any questions, please feel free to contact GCI at

Together, let’s empower climbing communities to become stewards of the environment and ensure the long-term sustainability of our beloved crags. Apply for a GCI Environmental Grant today!

[Link to the application and more details: Global Climbing Initiative Environmental Grants

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