Grant Selection Criteria for the James Percy Foundation

The grant selection criteria for the James Percy Foundation which provides grants to eligible projects that focus on their Priority Countries and Focus Areas. To be considered for funding, projects must meet certain criteria:

  1. Address a significant need: Potential partners should refer to recent data to demonstrate why the project is needed.
  2. Be based on evidence: Potential partners must provide evidence of the effectiveness of the approach they wish to adopt in a similar context.
  3. Be sustainable: Potential partners must present a realistic assessment of the sustainability of the proposed project.
  4. Represent value for money: The costs of the proposed project should be compared to similar projects, and the interventions should be cost-effective.
  5. Have measurable target outputs and outcomes: Potential partners should provide clear plans for monitoring and evaluating achievement against agreed targets.
  6. Be likely to achieve impact: Projects should have the potential to achieve meaningful impact in the long term.

The James Percy Foundation does not fund research, projects related to natural or man-made disasters, religious or political causes, general appeals or circulars, individual sponsorship, events, or conferences.

The Foundation has three Focus Areas:

  1. Health: Projects addressing child mortality causes, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and improving healthcare in Priority Countries.
  2. Education: Proposals with compelling evidence of the chosen approach’s effect on learning outcomes.
  3. Poverty: Projects addressing health and education issues that indirectly help alleviate poverty.

The Priority Countries under the grant selection criteria for project implementation include Ethiopia, India, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

To be eligible for funding, potential partners must be registered as a charity, have an annual income of over £1 million, demonstrate a proven 3-year track record, have an established presence in the relevant country, and work in collaboration with the national government of the Priority Country.

For more information on the grant selection criteria, please visit the James Percy Foundation website.

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