Partnerships and Funding Opportunities with the Michael Foundation

The Michael Foundation is dedicated to collaborating with various organizations to create opportunities for children and families living in urban poverty. With a strong focus on measuring impact, our funding supports projects that are already making a difference in education, health, and family economic stability.

Through our enduring and long-standing partnerships, we strive to create lasting change together. We evaluate grant applications based on specific criteria to ensure that our funding is directed towards projects that align with our mission and goals.

The initial criteria for grant applications include the project location, which should be in the United States, India, or South Africa. The focus areas are education (in all locations), health and wellness (in the United States), or family economic stability (in India, South Africa, Central Texas, and Greater Boston).

Funding can be allocated towards project support or efforts to scale. We accept applications from a wide range of organizations, including associations or boards, charitable trusts, community foundations, social enterprises, direct service organizations, not-for-profit companies, governments, pass-through organizations, private foundations, religious organizations, schools, and education organizations.

To be eligible for funding, the amount requested should be $50,000 or more. Additionally, all organizations involved in the project must align with the foundation’s values, standing against racism, antisemitism, and hate.

For more details on our grantmaking process, please refer to our Funding FAQ section on our website.

At the Michael Foundation, we believe in the power of partnerships and funding to drive positive change in the lives of children and families in need. Join us in our mission to create a better future for all.

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