Understanding the Objectives and Application Process of the Green Hall Foundation

Aims of the Green Hall Foundation

The Green Hall Foundation Grants – The Foundation  is committed to sustainably enhancing the lives of the sick, elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged, with a primary focus on the UK. This foundation also extends its support to international initiatives, provided the applying charity is registered within the UK. The core objective of the Green Hall Foundation is to fund projects where it can make a substantial impact, ensuring that the allocated funds significantly contribute to the success of the initiatives.

One of the distinguishing features of the Green Hall Foundation is its preference for funding permanent equipment or building projects, as opposed to covering salaries or ongoing operational costs. This approach ensures that the grants provided have a long-lasting and tangible effect on the beneficiaries. Grants from the foundation typically range between £1,000 and £10,000, focusing on efforts that benefit a considerable number of individuals. The foundation’s commitment to supporting projects with a broad reach reflects its dedication to maximizing the positive outcomes of its financial contributions.

In terms of funding priorities, the foundation does not generally support individual sponsorships or general running costs. By concentrating on concrete projects with clear objectives and measurable outcomes, the Green Hall Foundation ensures that its resources are used effectively and efficiently. This strategic approach helps in achieving meaningful and sustainable improvements within the communities it aims to serve.

Furthermore, the foundation has a specific reapplication policy that requires charities to wait 12 months after their last application before reapplying, regardless of the project type. This policy encourages a fair distribution of funds and allows the foundation to support a diverse range of initiatives over time. By adhering to this structured application process, the Green Hall Foundation maintains its commitment to equitably supporting a wide array of charitable projects aimed at creating a lasting impact.

Application Process and Eligibility Criteria

Only UK registered charities are eligible to apply for grants from the Green Hall Foundation. The foundation’s trustees convene biannually, in May and November, to evaluate submitted applications. Notably, the May meeting is accessible to charities across all income brackets. In contrast, the November gathering exclusively reviews applications from charities with an annual income of £250,000 or less.

Charities interested in applying for a grant must submit their applications online via the foundation’s website. The application process necessitates that charities either log in or create a new login if they do not already possess one. Upon logging in, applicants should ensure that their charity details are up-to-date. If the application cycle is currently open, they can then proceed to complete the application form.

The application process involves several key steps. First, applicants must verify the current status of their charity’s registration and eligibility. Next, they must accurately complete the application form, providing all required information and documentation. Finally, the completed form should be submitted online for review.

Prospective applicants should be aware of the specific dates for the upcoming application cycles. The next opportunities to apply will commence on 2nd September and 3rd March 2025. Timely submission within these windows is crucial for consideration.

By adhering to these guidelines and timelines, UK registered charities can effectively navigate the application process for the Green Hall Foundation grants. This structured approach ensures that the foundation can meet its objective of supporting a diverse range of charitable endeavors across the UK.

For more details visit: https://greenhallfoundation.org/

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