IKI Small Grants-5th International Call for Proposals

IKI Small Grants-5th International Call for Proposals: The 5th ‘Call for Proposals’ of the IKI Small Grants component ‘International Calls’ is set to launch on 17th January 2024, 00:01 CET. The application period will run until the deadline on 13th March 2024, 23:59 CET. During this time, IKI Small Grants will be offering consultation hours to address any questions or concerns regarding the application process. The session times will be published on the official website.

All project proposals must be submitted through the new IKI Small Grants application platform, which can be accessed via the link provided on the website. Before entering any data on the platform, it is recommended to use the eligibility criteria tool to check if your organization and project idea meet the requirements for funding.

The IKI Small Grants Programme is part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) funded by the German Federal Government. The IKI aims to strengthen climate and biodiversity action worldwide by supporting ambitious projects on climate change mitigation, adaptation, forest conservation, and biodiversity conservation on an international level.

The IKI Small Grants programme specifically targets small regional, national, and local organizations in ODA-eligible countries. It aims to provide access to international funding for organizations that may otherwise face challenges in securing financing. The programme supports decentralized solutions and encourages the active participation of all social groups in achieving global and national targets set in the Paris Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

The IKI Small Grants programme comprises two components: ‘International Calls’ and ‘Funding Institutions’. The ‘International Calls’ component directly funds selected projects through regular calls for proposals. Over a 7-year period, approximately 120 projects will be supported with a total funding of about 15 million euros. The ‘Funding Institutions’ component collaborates with national and regional institutions, providing them with advice, technical support, and a total funding of 5 million euros to implement their own calls for proposals and funding lines.

The ‘International Calls’ component seeks to promote small-scale, context-tailored, and innovative ideas for climate and biodiversity action. It supports projects that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to climate change impacts, and conserve forests and biodiversity. Organizations based in ODA-eligible countries with at least three years of relevant experience and an average annual revenue ranging between 60,000 and 500,000 euros are eligible to apply for funding.

For more information on the IKI Small Grants programme, including upcoming calls for proposals, please visit the official website.

Source: https://iki-small-grants.de/about

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