Thematic Calls-Addressing Climate Action

Thematic Calls-Addressing Climate Action, Adaptation, and Biodiversity Conservation Challenges
Thematic Calls are an integral part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI), aimed at addressing the current challenges in climate action, adaptation, and biodiversity conservation. Each year, the IKI ministries define new thematic priorities, which serve as a basis for the submission of project outlines. The financing volume provided by the IKI can range from 5 to 20 million Euros per project, depending on the thematic priority. The project selection procedure for Thematic Calls consists of two phases. In the first phase, known as the outline phase, interested implementing organizations are invited to submit project outlines through an ideas competition. From all the submissions, the three ministries involved in the IKI select one or two project outlines per thematic priority. Once the project outlines have been selected in the outline phase, the organizations are invited to proceed to the second phase, known as the proposal phase. In this phase, the selected organizations are required to submit a detailed proposal for their project. During the outline phase, the submitted project outlines undergo a thorough review process. Initially, the outlines are checked to ensure they meet the minimum requirements. If they meet the criteria and are deemed promising, they are shortlisted. The shortlisted outlines are then reviewed internally and externally by independent experts, based on the IKI selection criteria. The responsible ministries make the final selection of project outlines to be pursued further in the second phase, considering the review results and the available budget. Participants in the Thematic Calls will receive written notification of the review results for their project outlines. For any further inquiries or information, interested parties can contact the IKI office via email at Thematic Calls provide an opportunity for organizations to contribute to climate action, adaptation, and biodiversity conservation through innovative and impactful projects.

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