Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF) 2024 Grant Program Guidelines for Application

Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF) 2024 Grant Program Guidelines for Application

Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund: Continuing  from 2023, KNCF grants in 2024 are for the activities that contribute to any of Kunming-Montreal Global biodiversity framework (GBF) targets; it is KNCF’s policy to contribute the realization of GBF. Because we believe it is essential to expand the scope of biodiversity conservation activities for the purpose of GBF realization, we established four grant categories including grant for first time applicant as well as for least developed countries. Please refer to 4. Grant Categories, below.

1. Application Period

Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund: From 9:00am October 1st to 5:00pm December 1st. (Japan Standard Time) Submission will be conducted through the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund Management System (Hereinafter, ‘the System’)

2. Activity Requirements for Application

Region: Activities that are mainly based in the Asia-Pacific region or inside Japan.


  • Activities that involve the preservation of biodiversity.
  • Activities intended to solve social issues that contribute to biodiversity preservation and that are applicable to Goals of SDGs.
  • Activities to support human resource development in order to preserve biodiversity, including environmental education.

All of the above activities should support to realize GBF. Note: This policy will remain effective until 2023

Other Requirements:

Confirm that you have satisfied the following requirements.

  1. Appropriate cooperation has been obtained from the government organizations, related international organizations, non-governmental organizations and local residents in the locations of the target projects.
  2. The results do not benefit any particular organization or individual.
  3. The project is implemented by experts with scientific knowledge, or the advice and cooperation of experts with scientific knowledge has been obtained in implementing the project. In case of projects in Japan, refer to Japanese version of the Guidelines.

3. Requirements for Applying Organizations

    1. Applicant must be an organization that satisfies the following conditions:
      • It is able to appropriately report its activities, budgets and financial status of granted projects, when requested by KNCF.
      • It has incorporated status, or is a voluntary organization with societal credibility equivalent to an incorporated organization.
      • It has a record of conducting nature conservation projects for 3 years or more
    2. Applicant must submit the documents listed below;
      • Financial statements or certified audits for the past 3 years.
      • For incorporated organizations, documents that show proof of such incorporation (However, this does not apply to the Basic A Grant and Basic B Grant that will be explained in the Grant Categories.)

For more information, please visit the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF) website.

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