Hinrich Foundation Grants: Advancing Understanding of Global Trade Issues

Hinrich Foundation Grants: The Hinrich Foundation is pleased to announce a call for research proposals that aim to advance the understanding of global trade issues and support policy development. The Foundation’s international trade research program focuses on various trade-related sectors, including sustainable trade, digital trade, cross-border investment, and the nexus of trade and geopolitics.

We invite researchers and research organizations to submit proposals for projects in these areas. The deadline for submission is October 31, 2023. Submissions will be shortlisted twice a year, with the next shortlisting taking place in May 2023.

Submission Requirements

Research proposals should include the following information:

  • Name and credentials of the researcher(s)
  • Synopsis of the proposed research

The synopsis should address major trade-related themes and pose two to four key questions that the research seeks to answer. The researcher should also specify the method of research, whether primary or secondary.


We generally publish research in the form of white papers of around 4,000 words and articles of around 1,600 words. All research products will be subject to the Foundation’s editorial review, and the final decision to publish will be at the discretion of the Foundation.

Researchers may propose a new research project with article and/or white paper deliverables or provide an overview or summary of their existing work, including work published elsewhere.

Deliverable Timetable

We encourage projects to be completed within four (4) months from the point of commission. Researchers should provide regular updates on the progress of the project and take into account feedback from the Foundation’s research program team. Researchers may also be asked to deliver interim articles summarizing the ongoing research.

Funding Request

Funding is negotiable and typically paid upon completion of the project.

Making Your Submission

The upcoming deadline for submission is October 31, 2023. We look forward to receiving your proposals. Please send research proposals to research@hinrichfoundation.com.


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