When Should You Submit an Application to PFAN?

Introduction to PFAN

The PFAN –  Private Financing Advisory Network offers intensive one-on-one coaching to refine business plans, financial structures, and investment pitches for climate and clean energy projects. PFAN leverages a global network of experts to provide tailored support, ensuring that entrepreneurs are well-prepared for investment opportunities.

Continuous Application Submission

PFAN accepts applications continuously, meaning you can submit your application at any time. This flexibility allows you to submit when your project and documentation are ready, without the pressure of a single annual deadline.

Quarterly Evaluation Process

Applications are evaluated quarterly, following regularly announced deadlines. This means that if you submit your application just after a deadline, it may take up to three months for your application to be reviewed. It’s crucial to plan accordingly and be aware of the evaluation timeline to manage expectations.

Application Requirements

The application process includes filling out an online form and submitting two key documents. You will be guided through the process and matched with one of PFAN’s local advisors, who will provide personalized coaching based on local market needs and dynamics. This ensures that your project aligns with both global and local investment standards.


Submitting your application to PFAN can be done at any time, but understanding the quarterly evaluation process will help you manage your timeline effectively. Utilizing the expertise of PFAN’s global network of climate and clean energy financing experts, you will receive the support needed to make your project investment-ready. For more details, visit the official website: PFAN Eligibility Criteria.

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