Team Building

Let us understand Team Building – Now a days we see that most of the organizations give high priority for team building. When we talk about team building we need to understand what it does mean – To successfully run an organisation, it needs to have staff – who are the members of a team. These can be from the same department or from different departments.

First let us understand what is a Team. A team is a group of people who share common mission,history or set of goals, objectives .

Team building is the process of creating, maintaining, and enriching the development of cohesive groups of people. Team building exercises can be helpful for developing cohesiveness, roles and norms, communication, goal specification, and interdependence.

Team building is an ongoing process which help a work group evolve into a cohesive unit. Team building in an office helps to foster better relations, open communication among team members and also team and its higher authorities.

Team Building can help to:

• Good communication among team members
• Have clear objectives
• Higher levels of trust and support
• Motivate and achieve goals
• High level of job satisfaction and commitment
• Improve work productivity
• Improve professional relations
• Have better policies and procedures for operations of an organisation

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