Spencer Foundation RPP Grants

Spencer Foundation RPP Grants – Research-Practice Partnership Grants Program is a funding opportunity that aims to support education research projects through collaborative and participatory partnerships. With project budgets of up to $400,000 and durations of up to three years, this program provides resources for research that improves education for learners, educators, families, communities, and institutions where learning and teaching take place.

Partnerships play a vital role in generating knowledge and enhancing education. By bringing together practitioners, scholars, organizations, and diverse perspectives, RPPs contribute to the development of insights into processes, practices, routines, and policies that drive educational improvement.

Spencer Foundation RPP Grants are designed to address pressing problems of practice and policy by leveraging the expertise and perspectives of researchers and practitioners. Through long-term engagement, these partnerships facilitate sustainable and systemic change in education. By focusing on practitioner- and policy-relevant questions, RPPs accumulate knowledge and promote evidence-based decision-making.

This grant program welcomes applications from a wide range of partnerships, including those involving researchers and practitioners from school districts, educational organizations, universities, community-based organizations, and other sectors impacting learners’ lives. Practitioners are defined broadly, including policy-makers, informal educators, teachers, leaders, families, and community members.

Successful partnerships demonstrate a history of collaboration, which can be evidenced through ongoing research studies, established relationships, data-sharing agreements, or other indicators of fruitful collaboration. Effective governance is crucial, and proposals should outline governance structures and power-sharing mechanisms among partners.

While partnerships in various learning contexts are encouraged to apply, priority is given to partnerships involving scholars, higher education institutions, rural areas, international locations, and community-based organizations. The program also emphasizes addressing educational equity by disrupting inequities related to race, ethnicity, language, class, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, geography, political affiliations, religion, and (dis)ability.

In addition to research, proposals should include plans for communication, dissemination of findings, and other partnership activities that promote positive educational changes. The program supports research infrastructure, outreach, communication, relationship building, and capacity development.

Intent to Apply: October 17, 2023, 12:00 pm NOON Central time

Full Proposal Deadline: November 15, 2023, 12:00 pm NOON Central time

For eligibility and how to apply and for further details visit: Research-Practice Partnerships: Collaborative | The Spencer Foundation

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