Maypole Fund Small Grants :Supporting Feminist Activism Against Militarism and War

Supporting Feminist Activism Against Militarism and War: The Maypole Fund

Maypole Fund Small Grants: The Maypole Fund is a small grant-giving organization that is dedicated to funding feminist activism against militarism and war. Run entirely by volunteers, The Maypole Fund is committed to supporting projects and activities that challenge militarism and war from a feminist perspective.

Who We Are

The Maypole Fund, registered in England and Wales as Maypole Grants Ltd (company number: 14829488), is driven by a group of passionate women who firmly believe in feminist activism against militarism and war. We are dedicated to making a difference and supporting those who share the same goals.

Our Aims

The primary aim of The Maypole Fund is to provide financial support to feminist activism against militarism, war, and closely related issues. We are particularly interested in funding projects and activities that proactively challenge these issues from a feminist perspective, in ways that are relevant and appropriate to local communities.

Our funding priorities include:

  • Action against militarism
  • Action against war
  • Action against the arms trade
  • Action against nuclear weapons and weapons systems
  • Action to support disarmament policies and processes

All projects and activities funded by The Maypole Fund must align with our aims, be non-violent, and clearly demonstrate how a feminist perspective informs the proposed project or activity.

Application Process

If you have a project that falls within our aims and meets our criteria, we encourage you to apply for a grant. We are particularly interested in imaginative and politically expressive projects. However, please note that due to limited funds, we are only able to support an average of 5-10% of the applications we receive.

The Maypole Fund accepts applications twice a year. The current funding session is open for applications from July 2023 to January 2024. To apply, please fill out the application form here.

Learn More

For more information about The Maypole Fund and our work, please visit our website here. We are excited to support feminist activists in their mission to create a world free from militarism and war.

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