Urgent Action Fund Security Grants

Support and Security for Activists: Urgent Action Fund Security Grants

Applications are open for Urgent Action Fund Security Grants: Urgent Action Fund offers security grants to safeguard the well-being of activists. These grants can be utilized to support the safety and security of individuals who are working tirelessly to advocate for change. With grant amounts of up to $8,000 USD, Urgent Action Fund aims to provide timely assistance to those in need.

Applying for a security grant is a straightforward process. We accept applications in all languages, and we confirm receipt of applications within 24 hours. However, it’s important to note that translation needs may increase the time needed for a decision to be made.

Once an application is approved, the time frame for reporting back is 3 months. Urgent Action Fund understands the urgency of the situations faced by activists and strives to provide a quick decision-making process. Decisions are typically made between 1 and 10 business days.

Upon approval of a grant, funds can be wired within 24 hours to 10 business days. This ensures that activists can swiftly access the resources they need to carry out their important work.

To be eligible for a security grant, the proposed actions must focus on benefiting women, trans, and non-binary individuals. Women, trans, or non-binary people must also be the primary decision-makers in the respective organization or group. Additionally, the specific situation must be unanticipated and time urgent, with actions needing to be implemented within 3 months of grant approval.

It is crucial for the group to have support from local or international feminist activists or networks. However, individuals who are not activists, cisgender men, male-led organizations or networks, planned projects/activities/service delivery programs, charity/humanitarian assistance/social services, annual operating costs, bridge/gap funding, scholarships, organizations with a budget of over $1 million USD, and capital projects such as building construction or improvements are not eligible for these grants.

To apply for a security grant, please download the application form from our website and submit it via email to proposals@urgentactionfund.org.

At Urgent Action Fund, we recognize the importance of supporting activists in their tireless pursuit of justice and equality. Our security grants aim to provide the necessary resources to ensure their safety and well-being, enabling them to continue their vital work.

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