WWF Nepal Conservation Awards: Honoring Remarkable Contributions to Conservation


The WWF Nepal Conservation Awards, formerly known as the Abraham Conservation Awards, were introduced by Ms. Nancy Abraham in 1995. Ms. Abraham, an environmentalist, was inspired by the dedication and passion for conservation displayed by the staff of a national park. The awards were created to recognize individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions in the field of conservation.  Apply by 31 March 2024

Legacy and Purpose

Today, the Nepal Conservation Awards continue the legacy of the Abraham Conservation Awards by honoring grassroots conservationists who have made significant contributions to protect Nepal’s rich biodiversity. The awards aim to motivate and inspire frontline conservationists to continue their important work.

Recognition and Categories

Since its inception, the  Nepal Conservation Awards have recognized over 180 individuals and institutions for their exceptional efforts in conservation and natural resource management. The awards cover a wide range of themes, including the conservation of biodiversity such as forests, wildlife, and freshwater, as well as addressing the pressing issue of climate change.

By acknowledging the achievements of these conservationists, the WWF Nepal Conservation Awards not only celebrate their success but also raise awareness about the importance of protecting Nepal’s natural heritage. Through their dedication, these individuals and organizations serve as role models for others and inspire a new generation of conservationists.

In conclusion, the WWF Nepal Conservation Awards, formerly known as the Abraham Conservation Awards, have been instrumental in recognizing and honoring the remarkable work of individuals and organizations in the field of conservation. Their efforts contribute to the preservation of Nepal’s biodiversity and inspire others to join in the crucial task of protecting our natural world.

For more information visit: https://www.wwfnepal.org/get_involved/conservation_awards/

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