Announcing Together’s Latest Funding Opportunity through our Cervical Cancer Grants Program

Announcing Together’s Latest Funding Opportunity through our Cervical Cancer Grants Program

April 11, 2024 – Recently announced funding commitments and the launch of new partnerships signal new momentum in the effort to end cervical cancer as a global health threat. If applied effectively, these new resources will make a huge difference in implementing lifesaving cervical cancer prevention programs, expanding access to HPV vaccination, cervical screening, and early treatment for cervical disease.

Maximizing Impact through Innovative Approaches

Maximizing the impact of cervical cancer prevention resources – especially in low-resource settings – hinges on deploying newer, more effective, and efficient health technologies and strategies. Strengthening demand for new cervical cancer prevention approaches and ensuring their successful adoption will require a wider evidence base to inform and inspire similar efforts in other settings.

Cervical Cancer Grants Program

Together’s Cervical Cancer Grants Program targets projects that address barriers to access and boost demand for these lifesaving interventions. We recognize that relatively small investments can have an outsized impact by reaching more girls and women and by demonstrating the effectiveness of new tools and strategies. Such investments create a foundation for accelerating the scale-up of effective programs.

Today, we’re thrilled to begin accepting submissions for our fourth round of funding since launching the Cervical Cancer Grants Program in 2019. We’re accepting applications via two tracks:

  • Track 1 aims to improve demand-side interventions to increase uptake of all cervical cancer prevention services.
  • Track 2 aims to support supply-side interventions to accelerate the adoption of improved technologies in cervical cancer prevention.

Each track will award a single grant not to exceed $30,000 USD and will be targeted to LMICs, particularly those with a high cervical cancer disease burden. Program applicants should clearly state to which track they are applying. Activities that can demonstrate catalytic, systemic improvements for cervical cancer prevention will be prioritized.

Given the limited grant size, funding from the Cervical Cancer Grants Program should be used to complement existing funding for vaccination, screening, and treatment programs.

The request for proposals – including specific information on the types of programs funded, eligibility, requirements, and more – can be found here. The deadline for submitting questions regarding the RFP and the application process was Friday, April 19th. We’ve compiled answers to those questions here.

Proposals should be submitted by email to no later than 6:00 pm US Eastern Time on Friday, May 10th, 2024. More about the program and the submission process here; the request for proposals itself can be viewed here.

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