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Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation: Supporting Sustainable Solutions in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East
The Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation is dedicated to protecting the environment, improving food production, and promoting public health in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East. The foundation provides support for projects and applied research that address local or regional challenges affecting the environment and human life. One of the key focuses of the foundation is to generate local or regional solutions to under-funded issues and geographic areas. It funds applied research, pilot projects, new initiatives, training, and technical assistance to help develop the track record needed for attracting major foundation funding in the future.

Within the field of conservation, the foundation supports projects that protect biodiversity, preserve natural resources, and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. It also aims to build the scientific and technical capacity of local conservation organizations, promote partnerships, and engage scientists, local communities, organizations, and decision-makers. In the food and agriculture program area, the foundation funds research-based projects that enhance food security, promote sustainable agricultural practices, and strengthen local food systems. It also focuses on supporting small-scale farmers, advancing farmer research and partnerships, and developing environmentally sound approaches to control pests and diseases affecting local food crops. Additionally, the foundation promotes indigenous food sovereignty and knowledge systems, as well as innovative methods of extension, education, and technology transfer. In the health sector, the foundation supports efforts that test new ideas and approaches to promote public health, with a special emphasis on reproductive health and family planning. It favors community-level disease prevention and health promotion projects, as well as initiatives that strengthen regional and country public health systems. The Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation is committed to making a lasting impact by supporting sustainable solutions that address critical issues in the regions it serves.

Activities that help increase capacity include applied research, program development, technical assistance, and training projects that:

Promote reproductive health and family planning.
Address issues related to mental and behavioral health.
Address issues relating to pollution and environmental health.
Increase the understanding of zoonotic and neglected tropical diseases.
Address issues relating to nutrition and health.

Key Priorities: In all of its areas of interest, the Foundation gives priority to projects that have the potential to advance the field, build local capacity, promote replication, influence public opinion and policy, affect systems change, and benefit people beyond the immediate project and its local context.


The Foundation supports local, state, and regional organizations in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East in the countries where the projects are based. It also supports organizations located in upper-income countries working with local partners in these areas. It does not support projects in post-Soviet states or Balkan states.

Most types of organizations that can provide evidence of their non-governmental status or charitable purpose are eligible to apply, including non-governmental organizations, nonprofit organizations; civil society organizations; community-based organizations; and colleges, universities, and other academic institutions.

Government agencies and religious organizations may be included as project partners but are not eligible for direct funding.

The Foundation does not typically fund:

Overhead or indirect project costs
General operating support
Direct food, health or other humanitarian aid
Buildings and capital improvements
Projects ultimately intended for private gain. All intellectual property developed with the grant should be public.
Salaries for Executive Directors of U.S. and European-based organizations.
Project expenses incurred before the grant is awarded.

Correspondence and inquiries should be directed to:

Conservation, Food & Health Foundation
c/o Prentice A. Zinn, Administrator
GMA Foundations
2 Liberty Square, Suite 500
Boston, Massachusetts 02109

Phone: 617-391-3091

c/o Prentice A. Zinn, Administrator

Annual Grant Cycle Timeline
Application Process Grant Round 1. Grant Round 2..
Concept Application Deadlines January 1 July 1
Proposal Invitations February 1 August 1
Proposal Deadline March 1 September 1
Grant Awards June 1 December 1

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