Open Call for Innovation in Southern and Central Africa

The Open Call for Innovation (OCFI) in Southern and Central Africa aims to overcome barriers and promote the production of food with efficient and sustainable use of water and energy. This initiative seeks to address food security, gender equality, and poverty reduction in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Individual awards for this program will range from 40,000 to 250,000 US Dollars, depending on the funding requested. Awardees are expected to contribute a minimum matching amount of 1-1. The performance period for each award is up to two years, which will be determined at the time of award.

WE4F is specifically looking for mid- to late-stage enterprises, nonprofits with a for-profit program, and other organizations based in Southern and Central Africa. These organizations should have innovative solutions related to water-food, energy-food, and water-energy-food nexus. To be eligible to participate, applicants must meet the minimum requirements outlined in the call for innovation.

WE4F’s South and Central Africa Regional Innovation Hub is seeking to collaborate with companies and organizations that provide nexus-relevant products and services. The focus is on reaching women and the poor as commercial customers, empowering them to increase their earnings and social mobility.

Women-owned and women-led organizations are strongly encouraged to apply for this opportunity. For further inquiries or to submit a concept note, please contact More information can also be found on the WE4F website at

The Lurgan Trust: Grants and Focus Areas (

This Open Call for Innovation presents a valuable opportunity for organizations in Southern and Central Africa to contribute to sustainable food production, gender equality, and poverty reduction in the region.

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