The Lurgan Trust: Grants and Focus Areas

The Lurgan Trust is a charitable organization that provides grants in the United Kingdom, specifically in London, as well as in Northern Ireland and South Africa. In the UK, grants are primarily focused on several areas, including music and arts education and participation, support for individuals with disabilities, assistance for the elderly, medical relief including hospice support, and medical research. These focus areas align with the charitable objects stated in the Original Trust Deed.

In Northern Ireland and South Africa, grants are awarded based on the Trustees’ perception of need, although they may also reflect the general categories mentioned above. The grants in Northern Ireland are not restricted by specific categories but are determined by the Trustees’ assessment of need. Similarly, in South Africa, the grants often reflect the particular interests of Lord and Lady Lurgan.

It is important to note that the Lurgan Trust does not provide funding for individuals or expeditions. Grants are awarded twice a year, and the total level of grants annually is approximately £80,000. Typically, grants range from £1,000 to £5,000 and are made as single payments.

While the existing policy tends to be London-centric, the Trust also identifies Northern Ireland and South Africa as geographical areas of interest. In South Africa, applications for grants are accepted once a year, with a deadline in May. Interested applicants are required to contact Talita Laubscher at Bowman Gilfillan LLP to check their eligibility.

The Lurgan Trust receives more applications than it has funds to support, which means that not all projects within the funding priorities can be granted. However, the Trust remains committed to its mission of supporting charitable bodies and purposes that are exclusively charitable, as decided by the Trustees.

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