Paul Hamlyn Foundation – Lost Childhoods Fund

Paul Hamlyn Foundation – Lost Childhoods Fund :

Aim of the Fund:This is the first of a series of funds that aim to help us achieve our second strategic aim, to enable especially vulnerable people living anywhere in India to improve their lives.

Lost Childhoods is concerned with the many thousands of children and young people who run away from home and gravitate towards railways, where they are vulnerable to many forms of exploitation, trafficking, drugs and crime. It is a huge social phenomenon in India – we all see it every time we use the railways – and yet it is poorly understood and little is done to support these young people.

By the end of the next five years, we aim to be supporting a portfolio of at least five to seven partners working with children who live on and around the railways. We will also fund work in research, networking and policy advocacy.


Unlike our Open Grants Fund, funding under this theme can be for work taking place anywhere in India.

Organisations supported within the India programme have to be local Indian NGOs with Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) registration.

We do not support non-Indian organisations or locally registered branches of non-Indian organisations. We do not support organisations without FCRA registration (please note that we do not work on prior permission).

We do not support political or religious institutions.

If you do choose to pursue an application for support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, please ensure that you do it directly and not through consultants or fundraisers.

We prefer to work with organisations that have self-imposed and self-implemented policies on honesty and transparency in their finances and operations that are of the highest standard. We also prefer to work with organisations whose strategies and activities are formed on the basis of community leadership or participation, local knowledge and experience.

We will not support:

Individuals or proposals for the benefit of one individual
Retrospective funding for work that has already started
General circulars/appeals
Proposals that solely concentrate on the purchasing of property, equipment or other capital items
Overseas activities, including travel, expeditions, adventure and residential courses

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