Humanitarian Innovation Fund – Call for Applications Eligibility

Humanitarian Innovation Fund – Call for Applications Eligibility:


Understanding the Humanitarian effects of Violence on Vulnerable Children and women in Latin America and the Caribbean – Save the Children
In this region relief has largely focused on responding to natural disasters and livelihood priorities. Violence was not at the forefront. This project carried out a desk study to understand if widespread violence on women and children, as a result of street gangs and other criminal groups, could be analysed as a humanitarian problem. The study produced a report to kick start discussions with humanitarian actors in the region on how to respond effectively. As a result Save the Children in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have developed strategic plans to respond to violence in the region.

Effective monitoring and beneficiary accountability practices for projects implemented remotely in insecure environments – Tearfund

Remote management has become a (semi) permanent approach to project implementation in countries with high security risks. While there have been many publications seeking to provide guidance and recommendation on remote management approaches, project monitoring and beneficiary accountability has been consistently insufficient. Specifically, how these practices are affected by the use of remote management. This research produced a report on good practice and recommendations, which has been flagged as essential reading for any humanitarian or development practitioner dealing with monitoring and beneficiary accountability for remotely managed projects implemented in insecure environments.

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WHAT WE DON’T FUND:Any application to the HIF must be related to a humanitarian context and meet the eligibility criteria below. We do not consider applications for the following types of projects:

Exploring a challenge that exists within a development setting (definition).
Company/ organisation start-up funding
Construction of non-innovative schools, latrines, water systems, medical centres
Replication of existing solutions
Expansion of private businesses
Projects that exclusively serve religious purposes
Political campaigns

1) Humanitarian:The aim of your project must be to improve humanitarian practice. Guided by the Global Humanitarian Assistance’s definition we see “Humanitarian aid” as aid and action designed to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain and protect human dignity during and in the aftermath of emergencies. We do not accept applications for projects that are to be applied in wider development contexts.

2) Innovation:The aim of your project must be an innovation: creating and implementing a new or improved technology, product or process. The innovation must contribute to improving the relevance, appropriateness, coverage, efficiency or effectiveness of humanitarian aid relative to existing practices.

3) Field Experience:We welcome applications from all sectors. However, at least one of the partner organisations must be able to demonstrate experience working in humanitarian response. This is to ensure that the innovation is embedded in the humanitarian context and to improve the chances of systemic impact.

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