Bezos Earth Fund: Leveraging AI for Climate Action

Introduction to the Bezos Earth Fund Apply by 30 July 2024 The Bezos Earth Fund, established by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is a $10 billion commitment aimed at combating climate change. This fund is designed to support scientists, activists, NGOs, and organizations working towards sustainable practices and solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of climate … Read more

Call for Proposals: Global Fellowship Programme on AI

Introduction The Global Fellowship Programme on AI is pleased to announce a call for proposals. This initiative aims to support innovative projects that explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence across various fields. We invite researchers, practitioners, and scholars to submit their proposals for consideration. Objectives of the Programme The primary objective of the Global … Read more

Call for Proposals: Evaluating the Impact of AI on Poverty, Health, Energy, and Climate SDGs

white robot toy holding black tablet

Apply by 1st April 2024 The Future of Life Institute (FLI) is inviting researchers to submit proposals for evaluating theĀ  artificial intelligenceĀ  impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to poverty, healthcare, energy, and climate change. This call for proposals aims to assess the current and future effects of AI on these critical areas … Read more