Budget -3

V.Other things that need to look at while preparing a budget Once you have done the draft budget preparation, please also look at the following: · Check the formulas (if you are using a computer)· Check the number of units and the months etc.· Look at the previous years financial reports and see whether it … Read more

Budget -2

II. Staff : The other most important thing that we need to look at is the staff requirement for successful implementation of the project. We need to look at: a) How many programme staff required with specialization b) How many finance, admin staff are required c) How many members from the existing team give a … Read more

Budget – How to Prepare

Budget: Budget is a financial plan. All of us know what is budget as we do make our financial plans in our personal life also. Planning is an important part of budget and unless it is done in a systematic and planned way, the project may end up with shortage of funds or under-utilisation of … Read more

How to Prepare a Budget – 2

How to prepare a budget III. Administration: This is one area which needs careful financial planning. Many times, in spite of proper planning the administrative costs go up because of various reasons which may be beyond organizations control. As an example, when we prepare the budget we may put the office rent as the amount … Read more