Thousand Currents Launches Call for Group Profiles for Tactical Initiatives Grants

Deadlines: 1 April 2024  Thousand Currents is excited to announce our first call for group profiles under our Tactical Initiatives grant category. These grants are designed to support groups that are implementing strategic litigation, popular education, cultural production, and campaigns to strengthen the movements for climate justice, food sovereignty, and economic justice.

Tactical Initiatives grants range from $25,000 to $250,000 USD and are one-time grants with a grant period of 1-3 years. While our usual grantmaking approach is by invitation, this open call for profiles allows us to discover and learn about groups that we are not yet familiar with. We aim to deepen our understanding of movement ecosystems across the Global South that are fighting for and sustaining economic justice, food sovereignty, and climate justice through various tactics.

Please note that due to the anticipated volume of profiles we will receive, we may not be able to respond to or provide funding for all groups who submit a profile. However, if we believe a group may be a good fit for a Tactical Initiatives grant, a member from one of our regional teams will reach out to request more information as part of our decision-making process.

The submission process for group profiles is open until Monday, 1 April, 2024. If you are a movement or movement-support group using tactics such as strategic litigation, popular education, cultural production, or campaigns to strengthen the work of food sovereignty, climate justice, and/or economic justice, and have not previously received a grant from Thousand Currents, we encourage you to submit a profile.

Thousand Currents funds movement groups that are finding solutions and making waves around the world. We prioritize partnerships with Indigenous, Black, Afro-descendant, and caste oppressed peoples, with a focus on youth, LGBTQIA peoples, women, girls, and gender expansive individuals. Our funding relationships are developed with groups based in the Global South and led by people from the Global South, who are implementing self-determined solutions that benefit their accountable communities.

To learn more about our grantmaking model and the types of groups we fund, please visit our website. Please note that we do not fund groups led by Global North leadership, groups based in the Global North, groups with Global North leadership executing programs in the Global South, international aid agencies (including local affiliates responsible for their own fundraising), businesses, or groups led by government agencies or entities.

Thousand Currents currently has over 100 partnerships with groups across Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean. We are committed to organizing philanthropy to fund and practice solidarity with movement groups working within the larger realm of climate, food, and economy.

If you believe your group aligns with our funding priorities and criteria, we encourage you to submit a profile and be part of our movement for a more just and sustainable world.

Submit your group profile and learn more about the submission process on our website:

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