Partnerships and Funding Opportunities with the Michael Foundation

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The Michael Foundation is dedicated to collaborating with various organizations to create opportunities for children and families living in urban poverty. With a strong focus on measuring impact, our funding supports projects that are already making a difference in education, health, and family economic stability. Through our enduring and long-standing partnerships, we strive to create … Read more

Fondation Merieux – Small Grants Program: Improving Conditions for Mothers and Children

Project Focus The Fondation Merieux’s Small Grants Program is dedicated to supporting projects that address significant public health issues, specifically HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, neglected tropical diseases, and other infectious diseases. These projects are based on a local needs assessment and aim to provide concrete solutions that go beyond education and raising awareness. Global Approach … Read more

Rapid Response Window Short-Term Grants: Supporting Women’s Influence in Peace Processes

Short-Term Grants Rapid Response Window is an initiative aimed at supporting civil society organizations (CSOs) in addressing urgent gaps in women’s influence in peace processes. These grants provide an opportunity for CSOs to implement projects that tackle various barriers to women’s meaningful participation in formal peace processes or the implementation of peace agreements. The grants, … Read more

Supporting Grassroots Social Change: Social Justice Fund NW

Supporting Grassroots Social Change: Social Justice Fund NW Social Justice Fund NW is an organization that provides essential resources to grassroots organizations in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. Their mission is to strengthen the broad-based movement for progressive, systemic social change. What sets Social Justice Fund NW apart is their funding philosophy and practice. … Read more