Rapid Response Window Short-Term Grants: Supporting Women’s Influence in Peace Processes

Short-Term Grants Rapid Response Window is an initiative aimed at supporting civil society organizations (CSOs) in addressing urgent gaps in women’s influence in peace processes. These grants provide an opportunity for CSOs to implement projects that tackle various barriers to women’s meaningful participation in formal peace processes or the implementation of peace agreements.

The grants, which can amount to up to $100,000, are specifically designed to fund projects that can be completed within a maximum period of six months. This allows CSOs to swiftly respond to emerging needs and challenges in their respective countries.

The Rapid Response Window Short-Term Grants are open to all ODA-eligible countries where formal peace processes, also known as Track 1 processes, are taking place. This ensures that CSOs from a wide range of countries can access the funding and contribute to advancing women’s influence in peacebuilding.

By supporting CSO initiatives, these grants play a crucial role in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in conflict-affected regions. They enable CSOs to implement projects that address the specific barriers faced by women, such as limited access to decision-making processes, exclusion from peace negotiations, and lack of resources.

Through the Rapid Response Window Short-Term Grants, CSOs can develop innovative approaches to enhance women’s participation and influence in peace processes. This includes activities such as capacity-building workshops, advocacy campaigns, and the establishment of networks and platforms for women to voice their concerns and perspectives.

Overall, the Rapid Response Window Short-Term Grants provide a valuable opportunity for CSOs to make a meaningful impact in advancing women’s influence in peace processes. By supporting these initiatives, we can contribute to building more inclusive and sustainable peace agreements that truly reflect the needs and aspirations of all members of society.

There is no deadline for applications. The RRW is demand-driven and accepts submissions on a rolling basis.

Send Application package to: WPHF-RRW@unwomen.org

For proposal and other details visit : https://wphfund.org/rrw-short-term-grants/

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