Internet Freedom Fund: Supporting Innovation in Internet Freedom Projects

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The Internet Freedom Fund is a crucial initiative by the Open Technology Fund (OTF) that aims to support innovative projects focused on global internet freedom. This fund provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to receive financial support for their technology development, research, digital security, and convening projects. OTF places a priority on projects from first-time … Read more

UNCCD Land Heroes: Empowering Youth for Sustainable Land Management

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Apply by 21 March 2024 – The UNCCD Land Heroes campaign is a platform that recognizes and supports young individuals and youth-led organizations who are making positive impacts in the fight against desertification, land degradation, and drought. Through online engagement, the campaign aims to raise awareness, share success stories, and empower youth as change agents … Read more

Call for Proposals: Evaluating the Impact of AI on Poverty, Health, Energy, and Climate SDGs

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Apply by 1st April 2024 The Future of Life Institute (FLI) is inviting researchers to submit proposals for evaluating the¬† artificial intelligence¬† impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to poverty, healthcare, energy, and climate change. This call for proposals aims to assess the current and future effects of AI on these critical areas … Read more

Tinker Foundation: Promoting Development in Latin America

For over sixty years, the Tinker Foundation has been dedicated to promoting economic and social development in Latin America. Through their support of “people, projects, and ideas,” Tinker provides funding to civil society organizations, including nonprofit entities, research institutes, and universities, that are working to address the region’s most pressing challenges. The organizations that receive … Read more

Souter Charitable Trust: Making a Difference in the World

The Souter Charitable Trust, established in 1992 by Sir Brian and Lady Elizabeth, has been dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of people in need. With a focus on relieving human suffering, the trust has awarded over ¬£130 million in grants to various projects both in the UK and overseas. Sir Brian … Read more

Canada’s Climate Change Finance for Developing Countries

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Climate change and biodiversity loss are global challenges that do not respect borders. They pose existential threats and can lead to instability, conflict, starvation, and pandemics. The World Health Organization has highlighted that climate change affects human lives and health in various ways. It jeopardizes essential elements of good health such as clean air, safe … Read more

Global Affairs Canada Funding through an Unsolicited Proposal

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Global Affairs Canada Funding through an Unsolicited Proposal : To apply for funding through an unsolicited proposal, it is important to ensure that your project idea aligns with Global Affairs Canada’s priorities. Keep in mind that there are many more needs and requests for support than any one donor can fund, so funding is only … Read more

Zimbabwe Biogas Open Call for Innovation (O-CFI) for Water and Energy for Food

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is inviting eligible organizations to participate in the Zimbabwe Biogas Open Call for Innovation (O-CFI) Water and Energy for Food: A Grand Challenge for Development (WE4F) Call for Innovations. This initiative aims to address barriers and promote the production of more food with efficient and sustainable usage of … Read more

Middle East and North Africa Open Call for Innovations

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The Middle East and North Africa Open Call for Innovations (OCFI) is an opportunity for organizations to address barriers and contribute to the production of more food with efficient and sustainable usage of water and energy. This initiative aims to impact food security, gender equality, and poverty reduction in an environmentally sustainable manner. The OCFI … Read more

Open Call for Innovation: Food Security South and South East Asia

The Open Call for Innovation (OCFI) is a unique opportunity to tackle the challenges of food production and sustainability. Its primary goal is to promote the efficient and sustainable usage of water and energy along the entire value chain, from farming to end-users. By doing so, the OCFI aims to have a positive impact on … Read more