ASFARI Foundation Performance Excellence Grants in 2024

ASFARI Foundation Performance Excellence Grants in 2024 Following a strategic review, the ASFARI Foundation Grants is refining its grantmaking model for 2024. The updated model aims to build on the existing strengths of the foundation’s grantmaking while adding a new level of depth and specificity to maximize the impact of the grant funding. Objectives of … Read more

Apply Now for Our International Collaboration Grants

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Our International Collaboration Grants are now open for the second time. This grants programme, worth £1 million, aims to support the creation of new cultural collaborations between UK artists, arts professionals, and organizations, and their peers from around the world. These grants encourage the development of new bilateral and multilateral partnerships, providing funding to enable … Read more

Anhar: Culture and Climate Platform

Anhar: Culture and Climate PlatformAnhar: Culture and Climate Platform is a new programme from Art Jameel and the British Council that supports ambitious arts projects that engage with the climate emergency. Anhar: Culture and Climate Platform is designed specifically to diverse and increase support for practitioners in the Arab world and builds on findings and … Read more

TWAS Prizes for Young Scientists in Developing Countries

Deadlines: 1st June 2017 TWAS provides financial assistance to national science academies, scientific research councils and ministries of science and technology to enable them to institute a scheme of TWAS prizes for young scientists. Purpose and Nature:A major objective of TWAS is to recognize and support individual scientists in developing countries who have made excellent … Read more