Canada’s Climate Change Finance for Developing Countries

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Climate change and biodiversity loss are global challenges that do not respect borders. They pose existential threats and can lead to instability, conflict, starvation, and pandemics. The World Health Organization has highlighted that climate change affects human lives and health in various ways. It jeopardizes essential elements of good health such as clean air, safe … Read more

Climate Gender Equity Fund: Bridging the Gap in Climate Finance

Climate Gender Equity Fund Overview Women and girls are powerful change agents in designing and leading climate solutions for their communities – women are innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs, workers, and customers in climate-related fields. Yet, in the broader climate finance ecosystem, gender equity is often poorly integrated or not incorporated at all. While climate finance flows … Read more

PADI Foundation

The PADI Foundation encourages and supports underwater science, environmental projects, and education. The Foundation will fund and assist worthwhile projects that will enrich mankind’s understanding of the aquatic environment and encourage sensitivity to and protection of the delicate ecological balance of underwater life. The Foundation will also fund worthwhile projects to increase understanding of sport … Read more

Small Grants International Waters – GEF-UNDP

Small Grants International Waters – GEF-UNDP SGP Thrust: Projects involving communities proximate to threatened waterbodies and transboundary threats to their ecosystems. Priority is placed on the prevention and control of ecological degradation of critical habitats (such as wetlands, shallow waters and reefs), of unsustainable use of marine resources resulting from over fishing, excessive withdrawal of … Read more

Small Grants Programme GEF SGP-UNDP

The proposals for Small Grants Prograamme of GEF SGP-UNDP accessing the grants needs to be submitted by Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and Community based organizations (CBOs) and the Non- profit Organization as per the template to the respective regional offices of the CEE. The GEF UNDP/SGP program anchored through the National Project Manager (NPM) of the … Read more