Latest Grant Opportunities for NGOs

Latest grants opportunities for NGOs. You can see the list below for funds for indian and ngos in other countries.

Bioimaging Technology Development Awards

Call for Scholarship: Audi Environmental Foundation and One Young World Summit 2024

The Lurgan Trust: Grants and Focus Areas

Kinderpostzegels: Supporting Children’s Opportunities Worldwide

Call for Proposals: Funding Opportunities for Social Causes

Fondation Merieux – Small Grants Program: Improving Conditions for Mothers and Children

Call for Proposal: Cultural Emergency Response

Dovetail Impact Foundation: Investing in Human Flourishing

Doria Feminist Fund: Empowering Feminist Groups in the MENA Region

Apply Today to Become a Kanthari Participant

ISTAT Foundation 2024 Grants Program: Educational and Humanitarian Grants

Accelerate Africa 2024 Start Up

Call for Proposals: Evaluating the Impact of AI on Poverty, Health, Energy, and Climate SDGs

Tinker Foundation: Promoting Development in Latin America

Souter Charitable Trust: Making a Difference in the World

Canada’s Climate Change Finance for Developing Countries

Global Affairs Canada Funding through an Unsolicited Proposal

Zimbabwe Biogas Open Call for Innovation (O-CFI) for Water and Energy for Food

Middle East and North Africa Open Call for Innovations

Open Call for Innovation: Food Security South and South East Asia

Open Call for Innovation in Southern and Central Africa

Applying for Funding from the Jim Joel Fund

The Steel Charitable Trust’s Rolling Grants Programme: Application Guidelines

The Gadfly Project: In-Kind Grants for Software Initiatives

The Rufford Foundation Small Grant: A Pathway to Nature Conservation Grant

Mama Cash Resilience Fund: Supporting Collective Activism for Lasting Change

Funding Guidelines for WWF Nedbank Green Trust Projects

Faculty Research Grants: Supporting Innovative Research in Ras Al Khaimah

Al Qasimi Foundation Doctoral Research Grants: Empowering Scholars and Informing Policy in the UAE

Al Qasimi Foundation Seed Grants: Funding for Applied Research and Initiatives

Internet Freedom Fund: Supporting Innovation in Internet Freedom Projects

UNCCD Land Heroes: Empowering Youth for Sustainable Land Management

The Audacious Project: Empowering Change-Makers to Make a Difference

GCI’s Creative Impact Grants: Amplifying Climbing Communities Through Storytelling

Global Climbing Initiative Social Impact Grants: Empowering Climbing Communities Worldwide

Global Climbing Initiative Environmental Grants: Empowering Climbing Communities

The Dulverton Trust: Supporting Charities and CIOs

Request for Proposals for Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

Join Us in the Conservation of Life

The World Habitat Awards 2024: Recognizing Innovative and Sustainable Housing Solutions

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives: Call for Proposals in India, Nepal, and Bhutan

Thousand Currents Launches Call for Group Profiles for Tactical Initiatives Grants

The Spark Process: Empowering Communities Through Collective Action

Funding Opportunity for Freshwater Conservation Projects

Grant Opportunity for Restoration Field Projects by the G20 Global Land Initiative

Becoming a Partner with Global Fund for Children

Partnerships and Funding Opportunities with the Michael Foundation

Grant Selection Criteria for the James Percy Foundation

Applications Open for the Intercultural Innovation Hub 2024



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